Juke Boxes Hire

GS Gaming Ltd offer a number of different jukeboxes available to hire, the JayBox being our most popular.

Jay Box

GS Gaming have found this product to be of a very high standard, and so chose this jukebox to compete with the best in the world of digital audio.

The slim line cabinet is robust with a reliable internal electronics layout. It is available in either red or black.

Replace that tired old jukebox and get a JayBox now!

Please Note. This juke box works with or without an internet connection.

Juke Box hire

Why choose a Jay Box Juke Box?

  • Full access to over 100,000 tracks from our own repertoire plus 200 track updates weekly.
  • Customer personal playlists which will attract customers back again and again.
  • Fast and easy search and select.
  • Screen savers to draw attention to features.
  • Easily configured music profiles and background music scheduling.
  • Varying play rates to suit time of day.
  • Customer request button for tracks not yet on repertoire.
NSM Icon 2 juke box hire

NSM Icon 2

Here is an NSM Icon 2 that we also use at GS Gaming Ltd. The Icon2 has expanded the boundaries of entertainment still further. Apart from its faster user interface, snazzy new graphics and massive music library, Icon2 offers an advertising platform which is designed for promoting local and national brands in a cost-effective way.

The inclusion of YOUTUBE on the Icon2 has proved to be a popular feature for customers.




Wall mounted Jukebox with a 19-inch touchscreen
Karaoke & Bingo facility available
150,000 audio tracks online
HDMI and Auxiliary inputs
Available to rent or Profit share



All the features of the Icon Lite Jukebox but with a massive 500 Gb Hard Drive and 32 inch touchscreen.


Jukebox engineer Mark

Have a site appraisal by our specialist Juke Box engineer Mark. What he doesn’t know about juke boxes isn’t worth knowing. (His taste in music is open to question).

For further details of our juke boxes please contact us