Gaming Machine Categories

Gaming Machines


GS Gaming are licenced by the gambling commission to supply gaming machines. There are a number of different categories as you will see from the table below, however we only supply to pubs and clubs. So in the table below, we would supply from category B3 down to Category D.

Fruit machines and gaming machines

Supply of gaming machines to licenced premises would require a local authority permit.

Gaming machine (fruit machine, slot machine) categories

Gaming machines (fruit machines, slot machines) fall into categories depending on the maximum stake and prize available:

CategoryMaximum stake (from July 2011)Maximum prize (from July 2011)
B2£100 (in multiples of £10)£500
Dnon-money prize (other than crane grab machine)£0.30£8
Dnon-money prize (crane grab machine)£1£50
Dmoney prize£0.10£5
Dcombined money and non-money prize (other than coin pusher or penny falls machines)£0.10£8 (of which no more than £5 may be a money prize)
Dcombined money and non-money prize (coin pusher or penny falls machine)£0.10£15 (of which no more than £8 may be a money prize)