Boxing machines

We take great pleasure in presenting this great fun boxing machine product, already a proven success all over America in bars and nightclubs. The Boxer machine epidemic is now sweeping across the UK.

  • FREE installation.
  • 50/50 share of the takings.
  • Focal point for your business.
  • Proven to reduce violence by dissipating pent-up aggression.

The entertainment industry has never been more about fun than it is today, serious is out, enjoying yourself is well and truly in, but customers still demand to be amused. The Boxer machine will truly become an added feature and a huge hit with your customers.

Take a small section of the venue and allow us to install the boxing machine “Boxer Fun” unit completely free of charge, all you need to do is watch your customers queue up to stake their claim to the title or mostly they’ll be happy to just beat their friends.

  • No licence required – can be up-and-running the same day.
  • No risk to your business – try one first and simply keep the profit it makes.
  • Fully maintained at no cost (when rented for free)

Since installing in a wide range of venues we have found that the Boxer machine can really become a focal point of the venue as even those nearby can experience the enjoyment of watching the machine in action, we even have a girl or boy setting so the competition really does extend to everyone.

Feedback has been excellent and venues have reported customers coming in specifically to use the machine and in some venues Boxer machine competitions and interactive games are used to liven up the crowd.

In real terms we would install the machine for free and maintain the machine for free. There would be little worry of disappointing customers or losing potential revenue as our engineers are national and our response rate is set within 24 hours, sooner if we can help it.

Boxing machine
Boxing machine
iBoxer boxing machine