Chameleon Gaming Machines

The Chameleon amusement machine can be used as a category C machine or as a category B3 machine. Although these machines are quite old now they are still very popular in certain locations.

The original Chameleon machines were manufactured around 2006. They were not just for the UK market, as they were also a big hit in Spain and Italy.

The cabinet differed from other digital gaming machines at that time in so much as the monitor was a 26 inch unit and was mounted vertically as opposed to horizontally. It was also a touchscreen monitor.

Chameleons had a compendium of 10 games but only 5 games could be displayed and utilised on the home page. The remaining games were accessed via the back office system. The top 3 games were “Eggstra Cash” commonly known as the chicken game, “Haunted House” and “Money Box”.

The Chameleon cabinet came in two halves. The bottom was made of wood and the top half was a metal robust cabinet. It also had a NV9 note acceptor and a SR5i coin mechanism.

These machines are very reliable and are available from GS Gaming Ltd.