Fruit Machines For Pubs

CAT C – AWP £100 jackpot machines

These are mainly located in public houses although subject to local authority permits can be installed at the following locations:- restaurants, hotels, bowling alleys and amusement arcades. These pub fruit machines also known as AWP’s (Amusement with Prizes) can be set to various prices of play options (stakes) with a maximum £100 Jackpot. This maximum prize would place this type of fruit machine at category C.

Notification for the intended use of fruit machines will need to be authorised from your local Council.

When a fruit machine is installed in a public house it must have the following displayed on the machine.

  • A category sticker. In this case.
  • A no under 18’s sticker.
  • The licenced gaming machine suppliers name and contact details.
  • The percentage payout of the fruit machine.

As from February 1st 2013 pub fruit machines are subject to Machine Games Duty (MGD) at a rate of 20%. Landlords of public house must register for the MGD before they can have a fruit machine installed on their licenced premises. Click on the following link to register for the Machine Games Duty.

The fruit machine displayed above is a Bell Fruit “Deal or no deal” machine and is in an “Eclipse” cabinet. The dimensions of which are:-

Bell Fruit Machine Dimensions

Overall Height 1798 mm
Width 710 mm
Depth 675mm
Weight 108kg

Fruit Machine Cat C